Our Process

Yield Solutions uses a Consumer-Facing DBA:  RefiJet

  • We facilitate Direct Auto Loans on our Lender Partner's behalf. Direct loans out-perform indirect loans by a wide margin!
  • Our proprietary marketing system finds the exact consumer profiles that each of our Lender Partners want to target, in the exact states in which they do business. 
  • We use a soft-pull process that does not show up as an inquiry - This is an Added Benefit to the Interested Consumer.
  • We do not charge a fee to the borrower. Our program is the only one of its kind that is truly free to the consumer!   

​             *This creates a much higher satisfaction rating for our Lending Partners!

  • Borrowers respond through a Web Portal or by calling an 800 Number.  
  • Borrowers will electronically opt-in and accept disclosures (Permissive Use)

             *If the borrower calls in, we record their opt-In verbal notification.

  • YSG's custom built application processing system automatically filters the borrower’s credit and application data through our Lending Partner’s guidelines to determine the probability of an approval for a new loan. We only send you applications that meet your guidelines.

​             *This efficient process creates approval rates between 80% and 90% and Look-to-Book rates as high as 80%.

  • Our Financial Services Representative (FSR) communicates with the borrower/applicant through our secure call center and collects all the other necessary information and stips (employment/residence/insurance/current lien-holder and payoff/etc.)
  • Our FSR enters all the necessary information (job, residence, collateral, etc.) into the YSG system, then submits the application to our Lending Partner for approval.

​​            *Applications submitted through CUDL, Dealer Track, RouteOne, or a direct interface with our Lending Partner

  • ​An Approval/Call-Back is returned from the Lending Partner (similar to indirect).
  • Our FSR goes over the details of the new loan with the borrower.
  • Our Funding Team facilitates documentation of the new loan, using the Lending Partner's proprietary loan documents

​            * Electronic Signature or Wet Signature, as defined by the Lender.

  • Our Lending Partner funds the new loan, in much the same manner as an indirect loan.
  • YSG immediately pays off the prior lien and files for a new lien in the name of our Lending Partner.
  • All Process and Procedures are 100% Compliant and Documented.

You may request our complete Due Diligence package, including our company overview and Policies and Procedures,

by emailing: Info@YSGCO.com, or call: 720.405.2500.

Pay only for the loans you fund.