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Acquire performing Auto loans

Why               Yield Solutions
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We Raise Your Yield:

  • Direct Loans Out-perform Indirect Loans.
  • We bring you new borrowers that are on their way up, not down!
  • We will raise your median APR's, while lowering your risk.
  • The new members we bring you will love to buy all your other products and services.

What we do

Yield Solutions Group (YSG) is designed to help lenders reduce their cost of acquisition by using our technology and experience to find those consumers that would benefit from the refinancing of their current auto loan. YSG handles the entire transaction!

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Yield Solutions Group is your solution to grow your portfolio and yield.

Reduce the Cost of Acquisition:

  • Stop competing for a sliver of the Indirect Market
  • Look-to-Book rates with our program are as high as 80%.
  • Underwrite what you want to Underwrite.
  • Add Balance Sheet Assets that are Already Performing.
  • Let other Lenders take on the Riskiest Segment in the Life-of-the-Loan.
  • ​100% Compliant Solution.

Yield Solutions Does It All​:

  • We do all the marketing.
  • We Pre-screen every application.
  • We structure and close every loan, after your final approval.
  • We facilitate all the loan documentation.
  • We make all the payoffs and handle all the titling.